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this is my life now

Never let it be said that i take myself too seriously!

Rebrand Israel campaign

This tank model is the latest among other efforts by Israel to "rebrand" itself from its negative associations with war crimes to a place of high culture, beaches and hot women. In Canada, we have had the pleasure to experience this campaign in a few other ways including....
- Our liquor store now sells Israeli wine from the Israeli Occupied territories. yay.
- Our museum now displaying the Dead Sea Scrolls which israel stole when it took East Jerusalem in 67. yay.

Thank you Canada, for your continued role in colonialism and destruction.

ganked from ayoub by way of sabotabby

Take this picture:

Alter it so that you get the cake, then repost it to your blog!

What would you do with 100,000?

anyone else in Toronto answered the question "What would you do with 100,000$" after the seeing this stupid Nestle advertisement everyday on your commute for the past few months?

The Beginners Guide to Commuting

Chapter 1:

Leave "first come first served" ethics to line ups at Mcdonalds and Walmart cashiers. If you're going to be a rat in the rat race.. at least be a winner rat. This chapter will provide some practical tips to put you ahead of the curb. Just because the municipal transit commission refuses to offer first class carriages to you like every other passenger carrier service out there, that doesn't mean you have to suffer as the rest of the masses.

And fuck yes I have MS Paint back!!! I tried so many other graphics editors, no one does it like MS Paint 95.